How do I get started?
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We will send you session opportunities in your subjects of expertise as they come. Available sessions appear on the "Available Tutoring" tab on the Tutor Dashboard.

  1. All our tutors are required to use Google's Chrome browser. If you do not have it already, please download it.

  2. Make sure you are in tutor mode. Click your profile photo at the top right of the screen and switch the tutor mode toggle to the 'on' position. Only switch to student mode if you want to find a tutor.

  3. To maximize your tutoring opportunities, make sure you have enabled Pear Deck Tutors desktop notifications. You'll receive session requests directly within your browser. You just need to sign in once, and then as long as your Chrome browser is open, you'll receive notifications.

Students can also message you directly to set up sessions. Most students prefer to message a tutor before initiating a session. You can only communicate with students once they've contacted you first.

***Remember that under no circumstances should you ask for or use a student’s email, phone number, social media profile, or login information for any website, or use/accept any info that may be sent without directly asking for it. This policy also goes for students’ guardians. Doing this is grounds for removal from the platform.

Furthermore, never give out your email, social media information, last name, phone number, Venmo, or login information for any website, etc. This rule also applies to students’ guardians. Doing this is grounds for removal from the platform.***

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