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Starting a tutoring session
Starting a tutoring session
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The first three minutes of each tutoring session are best spent determining whether you and the student are a good fit! By investing these first three minutes wisely, you can set the stage for a successful and productive tutoring experience for both you and your student.

  • Understanding Student Needs: Use these initial minutes to clarify the student's specific needs. What type of assignment are they working on? What topics are they struggling with? What are their learning goals? This focused conversation allows you to assess if you are the right tutor for the student.

  • Finding the Right Match: If you determine that you are not the ideal tutor for the student, you can end the session so that they can be matched with someone who is a better fit.

  • Getting Paid From the Start: Every minute spent in the tutoring session, including this initial three-minute period, counts towards your compensation.

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