How do I browse tutors?
Updated over a week ago

Students can now only select one of the new curriculum areas and their corresponding subjects in the tutor request process. To access these subjects, please use The Browse Tutor page found here.

Here, you’ll be able to filter by:

  • Subject

  • Availability

  • Familiarity

Once you find the subject you need help with, you can click 'view profile' and either request a session or message your tutor.

The dot to the left of the Tutor's name indicates if they are online or not.

  • Gray means they are not online.

  • Green means that they are online.

  • Red means they are in a session.

If the tutor is currently in a session, you will not be able to start a session with them. You can leave a message for them via the chatbox, and they’ll receive a notification about your message.


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