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How do I submit a paper for review?
How do I submit a paper for review?

How to submit a paper to the Writing Lab

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  1. Click “Submit your writing assignment” on our homepage for a paper review.

  2. To begin, click “I understand” to drop off your paper.

  3. Next, enter a title for your paper along with your assignment and/or instructions for your tutor.

  4. Choose the style format and/or guide your paper needs to be in along with 3 specific areas you’d like your tutor to focus on the most.

  5. Upload your paper in .docx format by browsing or dragging the file. Once uploaded, you will see the estimated time to complete your paper review.
    (In order to upload a file it must be 25MB or smaller, and the title must be 100 characters or fewer.) If you still have issues uploading your paper, please re-open your document in Microsoft Word and save it again as a .docx file.

  6. Click submit! Your paper will be sent off to one of our writing experts!

Please Note:

You will not speak with a live tutor during a drop-off paper review. For live writing tutoring, select “Request a live tutor” from the Pear Deck Tutor home screen, and then type in “Writing”.

Your submission cannot be canceled once you submit it. Turnaround time is 12 hours or less. Tutors will only provide feedback and comments on your paper. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Please refer to our Code of Conduct.

The estimated time to review your paper will be taken out of your tutoring subscription.

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